girls in ICT


  Girls in ICT Day is celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday of April and is a great opportunity to celebrate girls who aim at studying and having careers in ICT.
Even if not so many women work in computer science, they actively contribute to its expansion. Ada Lovelace, for instance, was the first computer programmer.

  Grace Hopper is another important woman in ICT. She is the mother of COBOL, a programming language still used in banks today.

  And there are a lot of other examples! You can check them in this article.

  And now? Computer science has lots of fields and whatever you like you can do it in ICT. Are you keen on mathematics? Try cryptology like Emmeline.

  Maybe you are better in logic. Laëtitia and Sylvie show you algorithms.

  There also are girls in video games, programming, education technology and plenty of other domains and most of them are internationally recognized!