What isCode-Decode?


Code-Decode enables kids to discover coding and digital citizenship. Using the Code-Decode applications, kids become actors in their digital life by creating videogames and interactive stories.

Why learn about coding and digital culture?


To enrich one's participation in digital culture and understand the fundamentals of coding (ages 8+).


To discover how digital products operate and become an active and enlightened user.


To develop a mind that thinks critically and understand how digital life plays into citizenship.

The Courses

Educational sequences which demonstrate Code-Decode's functions

Examples of guided courses:

Transform your classroom into a game studio

Learn more

Master data use and apply it to digital citizenship

Course editor

An editor to help build your own courses

Creative Pathway

Creative Pathway

Code and me

Videos that invite the users to think critically about the risks of digital citizenship.

Coding culture

A series of videos that reveal the unseen side of digital creations and culture

The educational benefits

Discover algorithms and become a digital citizen!

Apps that are easy to use and understand.

Active learning and interdisciplinary skills practice for kids.

Original creations can be shared and remixed by all.

Teamwork is the best way to maximize results with these applications.

The community

Code-Decode simulates an open-source community where children can share their creations to be tested, make adjustments, then re-share their updated versions. Educators leading sessions use provided guides to facilitate group progress.