Code-Decode is a suite of applications
that enables kids to discover coding and digital citizenship.

An offer for every setting

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The educational benefits

  • Decryption of digital content
  • Guided courses
  • Learning project
  • Creation and publication
  • Group collaboration

Praise for Code-Decode

« It's not hard at all »

Mathis, age 9

« I had never programmed before but with this tool I succeeded on the first try »

Theo, age 13

« I have two students who never come to my information sessions, but with this tool, they code for more than 40 minutes. For me, that's victory »

A hobby center host

« My 11 year old son started Code-Decode in his technology class at school and loves it! »

A father

« My seven year old daughter understood mathematical coordinates with your applications »

A mother